Google Keep vs Evernote

I have just got the opportunity to evaluate Google Keep and it looks like a very interesting tool. It has a good looking and user friendly design. It looks a lot better than Evernote. I would say if you only use Evernote to take notes and review them, Google Keep is a good alternative.

One of my favorite features in Evernote, tags is available which is great compared to One Note and other tools I’ve tried in the past. But if you’d like to add PDF:s and search for them, it doesn’t work.

I thought it might be possible to use Google Drive, which I used many years ago and interact with the two, maybe also with Gmail, so it’s really one source for everything. But that’s not doable. You can’t search in all three Google tools from the same search window. And I realized that Google Drive failed to find at least 3 out of 4 words in scanned PDF:s. Maybe the reason is that the docs are old and was uploaded over 5 years ago.

So that’s the main reason I stick with Evernote. Google Keep might be interesting for me in the future, if they fix the search function – which is the core business for Google – and the integration between the tools so it’s really user friendly. On the other hand. Before that Evernote might have updated their design to be more user friendly and still stays on top. The future will show us.


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